Svedala 6030-2000 Lindkvist

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Crushing, Screening and Recycling


Svedala 6030-2000 jaw and cone crusher


Wheel-mounted crushing plant suitable for the input fraction 0-150 mm crushed material. You have a gravel or rock quarry where you need to crush fractions, 0-8, 8-16, 16-32 mm, asphalt etc.

Diesel-electric drive or from the grid. Diesel generator included.


A mobile crushing plant with high capacity. Input fraction 0-200 mm giving a capacity producing 0-30 mm with a 200 tons / hour. Should you produce 0-18 mm capacity will be approximately 100-110 tons / hour.

The plant is assembled in approximately 8 hours with 2 men.


Jaw 6030: 50% of the plates are left, extra plates and wedges are available.

Drive: 60KW


Cone 2000: Konan recent history of manufacturers.

The top on the cone has been lathed so that the top can be clamped in place.

New neck bearing.

New model of the top bearing, which makes service and

mounting / dis mounting accessible from above the top bearing.

Drive: 75 KW


Screen Lokomo B356:

1.3 x 4.3 m screen deck, 5.6 m2.

Three-deck screen.

A large number of screen media is included.


Hopper: Tunnelfeeder with vibrating feeder.


Generator: 325 KVA Volvo Stanford

Year about 1990

Hours: 11 000

Turbo and water pump has been changed.


Generator: 30 KVA Perkins Stanford

Hours: 2 000

Generator for maintenance current, timer for programming the start.

It heats the cone and engine heater for the big engine. It also has a propane heater for heating its own engine.


Dustcontrol: Creates a vacuum after the crushers to minimize dust. Controlled by a time relay and it cleans itself.


Electrical cabinett: Connection for conveyors. Beltscales (OJ-scale). Metaldetector.

Level controls in the Cona and Jaw Crusher controls when the conveyor belt stops and starts.


Discharge conveyor:

There is an extra conveyor not in picture. 800 mm wide, 15 m long with a beltscale.



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